A.T. Journeys Winter Issue cover

YOU GUYS ROCK! IT TAKES SO much to maintain a trail so long, rugged, and with so much foot traffic. Yet the only time I found myself hopping over downed trees was the day after a hurricane (and Trail maintainers were already out there). I know that your work goes beyond Trail maintenance, but this is just one example of the excellent work you do. Thank you!

Kreg “Carrot Top” Moccia
Peabody, Massachusetts

BEGAN A 30-DAY BACKPACKING trip to escape from everyday life and stress in Carlisle, Pennsylvania last June — heading northbound with no destination in mind. While meeting so many amazing people on the Trail and having such a great time, I wished the trip would go on. I realized I already had everything I needed on my back, so I got permission from my boss to continue hiking. My 30-day trip turned into a six-month adventure. I ended up having the time of my life on the Appalachian Trail. My adventure came to an end when I summited Springer in mid-December. I returned home, constantly wishing I was still on the Trail. Life is better there. Now I wonder what great adventure will come next in my life.

Christopher “Just Dave” Dube
Townsend, Delaware

LOVE THE WINTER ISSUE! IT starts with the fabulous photography that includes the advertisements. And all the articles relate well to the theme of the “Wild East.” Good work.

Wendy “Tiger Bomb” Pacek
Altoona, Florida

I ALWAYS LOOK FORWARD TO A.T. Journeys showing up in my mailbox. It is the one magazine I read cover-to-cover. I do like the new design, although I will miss the “As I See It” column. This was a favorite of mine. I enjoyed the inspirational stories of everyday hikers. One thing that I implore you not to change in the spring issue is the feature dedicated to the previous year’s 2,000-milers. I love seeing their pictures and going through the list of finished hikers and their Trail names. I meet a few hikers each year while day hiking near my home in Pennsylvania. I offer treats when I can for awesome Trail conversation. It is really great to see their names and/or their pictures in my favorite magazine.

Gerald Mistal
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

A GREATLY IMPROVED MAGAZINE. I am a life member and don’t get out much anymore on the Trail, and the magazine keeps me in touch with what’s been going on. The Winter issue was read cover to cover. Thanks for the new version.

Bill “Macon” Jones
Macon, Georgia

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The Trail should be a historic landmark preserved forever… Take your kids, take your grandchildren for a hike. There is absolutely nothing like the Appalachian Trail. Get to know nature, respect it, not trash it.
The Wild East is so important to protect. Our backyard to nature.
Sharing the Trail with wildlife is all part of the experience!
I ordered my Wild East Poster and proudly donated to the keep the A.T. wild for future generations.

I passed some Trail workers in Maine, college students weighed a buck 20 using 35 lb spud bars to flip 1,000 pound boulders and using hand tools to chop down trees blocking the path. I admired their effort and really appreciated not having wet feet for a few more days. Thank you all for what you do.

Started my flip-flop from [the Flip-Flop Festival] in 17’! Good times…To say my thru-hike was life-style changing would be an understatement. Hope it is for you too! Enjoy the journey! ~David Pagano
Sent in my reservation for 2 weeks with Konnarock. This will be my 17th time on Trail crew. Real Trail magic. ~Richard Gehring