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THE ARTICLES FROM KIM O’Connell and Rebecca Harnish, “Step Out” and “Postcards from Paradise” (Spring 2019) are the reason I will keep my membership and enjoy A.T. Journeys as long as I live. Rebecca’s short article may be why many don’t want to long-distance hike, but to me and the ones who have hiked the Trail, we never want it to end. Her article gave me the sights, sounds, smells, and feelings that only a person that has experienced it can get. Keep these articles coming.

Richard “Truck” Dailey
Orange Park, Florida

WHILE I AM GENERALLY NOT a fan of the thru-hiker articles, I do appreciate the togetherness that comes from publishing the 2,000-Miler list of those who’ve done it ("2,000-Milers," Spring 2019) #jealous. The “Step Out” article about Trail Communities by Kim O’Connell is a keeper for when my life commitments allow me to hike, long weekends at best. Good tips in that article. Also, beautiful post card art by Rebecca Harnish.

Dan Rusin
Aberdeen, Maryland

I HAVE BEEN A LOYAL SUPPORTER of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy for more than 40 years now. Wonderful organization! I just had to tell you how awesome the new Wild East poster is. I normally do not go for any of the “gifts” that come with providing financial support, but this one blew us away. We framed it and it looks awesome. Thank you for caring so for our precious Trail. It passes through my new home town.

Jim Alden
Hinsdale, Massachusetts

I HAVE AN INCREDIBLE APPRECIATION for all those individuals in Trail crews who put so much time, energy, and soul into a “Trail” that has come to represent something much larger — for anyone who chooses to take the first step — into their exploration of self by the simple act of walking.

Willie Johnson
Georgetown, Indiana

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People who clear and maintain trails deserve a special place in heaven. As a veteran (US Army ‘86-’92) and a long-distance hiker, I thank all of you for your hard work.
Thank you for all your work. It does not go unnoticed by us in the AT hiking community.
I just took my basset hound, Eugene, on his first A.T. hike this past weekend. Thank you, everyone who helps to keep the trails clear, and the shelters repaired! We both had a fantastic weekend in MA! Although, Eugene did not get his trail name yet. Maybe next time!
I’m wild about Wild East! Let’s make it happen!

I started by taking my daughter on short, manageable hikes that had something of interest for her … the wild ponies at Grayson highlands … the abandoned mine at Brooklyn Mine Trail in Fayetteville WV. I followed her cues so she didn’t get frustrated … now she’s in college and introducing others to hiking.
~Karen Zitzelman Henkes

I had the pleasure of joining a team last weekend and moved hundreds of buckets of dirt in the Smokies to build the A.T. back up to normal levels in our section. Cleaned out water runs and rebuilt a bridge. Can’t wait until next year!