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FIRST, LET ME TELL YOU HOW much I enjoy A.T. Journeys. I look forward to it each quarter and read it cover to cover, before sharing it with my son (and fellow section-hiker). I solo hiked about 100 miles of the A.T. (Harpers Ferry into Pennsylvania) as an unbelievably unprepared 17-year old 45 years ago. When I quit, I felt a huge amount of “unfinished business” that has stayed with me. Flash forward to summer of 2018… my two sons and I hiked a section from the south entrance of Shenandoah National Forest to Harpers Ferry over eleven days. There’s talk of coming back for another piece one day. Please keep up the great work!

Doug Dodson
McKinney, Texas

AS SOMEONE WHO HAS BEEN on school boards, park boards, an alternate school teacher and a current township trustee, I realize we primarily only hear the negatives. Because people who are happy don’t let you know… because, well, they are happy and satisfied. Yes, I may have only “driven” the Appalachian Trail, and hiked small sections over the years. But thank you for all that you and everyone at the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) does for this great American treasure. People who dedicate themselves to their jobs and their passions rarely get to hear the positives. The hard work of the ATC is what makes the A.T. the greatest trail in the world.

Coley O’Connell
Elwood, Illinois

THIS MESSAGE IS FEEDBACK to an Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) email titled “A Commitment to Justice” sent by [ATC president/CEO] Sandi Marra. I was interested what the ATC had to say about the current social state of our country, and I am glad that I was. Amazing. This concise, well researched, and eloquent statement shouts its support for the inclusion of and justice for all. I haven’t heard or read a statement from any other major company that highlights the base issue better. Thank you so much!

Sarah “Sassie” Reichl
Fortville, Indiana
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Facebook Icon - Mention by Lodge Thank you to all the Trail maintainers. Your work keeps boots on the ground! Experiencing the “Great Outdoors” brings people to the connectivity of us and nature. You play a vital role in forwarding humankind. ~ Kate Fields
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Thank you so much for caring for the trail I love!
Facebook Icon - Mention by Lodge So great to see all those working to protect the Trail. I thank you! ~ Linda Bennett
Facebook Icon - Mention by Lodge It’s a great feeling on the A.T. to come around the bend, after a long day of hiking, and find an awesome shelter for the evening! (and even better if it’s not full!) ~ Brian Sparks
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I am so grateful for the wisdom that led to the A.T. being protected wilderness and open to all who need healing from the stresses of life. Thank you for all of the good that you do.
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In 2012, my eight-year-old daughter and I traveled to Gallipolis, Ohio to visit Grandma Gatewood’s grave. There was one gentleman working in the cemetery that day, and he kindly showed us to her gravesite. He said that many hiking folk came to pay their respects, but he couldn’t remember anybody bringing flowers with them. I felt proud that my daughter and I had chosen to honor her in that way. Grandma Gatewood had many tribulations in her life, but she found sanctuary on the Trail… she was strong, smart, resilient, and perhaps most of all, courageous. God bless her memory. I believe as long as people seek peace and tranquility on the Appalachian Trail, she’ll never be forgotten.
Facebook Icon - Mention by Lodge I visit the Trail throughout the year to watch the slow parade of wildflowers as the seasons progress from spring to early autumn. Autumn brings a burst of colors as the leaves change. Winter brings unobstructed views of the gently rolling hills as far as the eye can see. ~ Rieza Soelaeman
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Thank you to all the volunteers! Out on the Trail recently, I have seen them out checking on the Trail and hikers continuously! I appreciate you!