A.T. Journeys Fall 2019 Issue

HOW TIMELY IS YOUR CALL FOR restoring our vanishing nighttime dark skies (A.T. Journeys Fall). Ironically so, as I lay in bed reading the issue at five in the morning, unable to sleep for the light washing across the bedroom ceiling from a neighbor’s illuminated garage. And thank you for reminding me of the full-sky display of the Milky Way above our apartment in suburban Philadelphia in the 1950s. An experience which I could possibly only now replicate on a serious backpacking trip. Is a moonless night in northern Tennessee still adequate to force turning in at the edge of an unfollowable A.T. and then awaking at 2 a.m. knee deep in an unsuspected stream? I hope so! Kudos too to Ron Griswell and Luz Lituma for making this an amazing issue from cover to cover!

Richard Strehlau
Liberty Lake, Washington

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE AT the Appalachian Trail Conservancy for managing the Trail and making it the safe, scenic, and seamless experience that it is. We appreciate what you do, and your work shows every step of the way.

Madeline “Photon” Newel
Santa Cruz, California
THANK YOU ALL FOR PROVIDING a space where we can escape and walk in wilderness. The trails have helped me immensely transition out of the military and helped me re-prioritize my life. I know it couldn’t have happened without the dedication of so many people working toward one goal.

Brian “Cool Runnings” Steadman
Austin, Texas

HONESTLY, I’M JUST SO THANKFUL for all the work you guys do. I had an incredible experience with so many great people [during my hike]. The effort and time you put in as volunteers and as an organization is fantastic.
Jonathan “Honeybuns” Manley
Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
In our information on page 26 of the Fall issue (“The A.T. Thru-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy”) — we incorrectly noted that the Green Mountain National Forest was located in New Hampshire and not Vermont. This was an editorial error.
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Finally got my feet on the AT and it was just as amazing as I’d imagined.
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My heart is so warm seeing the white blaze. How the memories of the AT fuel my life goals.
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Quite the Christmas gift arrived from ATC! Can’t wait to attach the [2,000-Miler] patch and rocker to my bag #at2019 #appalachiantrail
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If you love your trails, own them. Work them. No matter where your trails are. And then you will truly love them.
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That feeling you get when you get to take someone on a trail they have never been on!! #joy
Facebook Icon - Mention by Lodge A Ridgerunner was one of the first people I met on the A.T. True help was what was offered and needed.
~ L.H. Lodge
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2019 was the start of my journey on the AT and 2020 will be the continuation of that journey…May can’t come soon enough!