Come visit us on the Trail

The Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) currently has three visitor centers along the Trail that provide a destination for hikers and visitors of all types. Our information and visitor centers are found in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania, and Monson, Maine, with a fourth center expected to open in Damascus, Virginia in 2018. Whether you are a hiker or just love the Trail, each of our centers provides a unique experience that will leave you wanting to get out hiking.

Harpers Ferry: Located in the heart of the Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, and just 0.2 miles from the A.T., the Harpers Ferry Visitor Center — also the site of ATC Headquarters — acts as a halfway milestone for long-distance hikers and is open year-round. Notable attractions here include a one- of-a-kind raised relief map of the entire A.T., photo albums of prospective 2,000-milers dating back to 1979, maps, guides, books, merchandise, and exceptional volunteers who make the visitor center experience possible.

Boiling Springs: Right on the Trail at the ATC’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Office and located next to beautiful Children’s Lake, the Boiling Springs Visitor Center is the perfect place to learn about the A.T., ATC, and the surrounding area. Also open year-round, the center hosts free events for the local community and hikers passing through. This has helped to make the Trail beloved to the locals and build an impressive A.T. Community group. The center welcomes more than 11,000 people a year and is the only information and visitor center on the Trail with conservation staff in house. This offers the hikers an immense opportunity to talk with the people who work to preserve and protect the Trail.

Main Image: Hikers in front of the Boiling Springs Visitor Center; Image Above: Patty Harding welcomes visitors at the Monson A.T. Visitor Center
Photos by Justin Matherne and Laurie Potteiger

Monson: Welcome to everyone from tourists to thru-hikers and open from June 7 to October 15 — the Monson A.T. Visitor Center, located on Main Street, is an essential stop for information about the famed 100 Mile Wilderness, the greater Moosehead Lake region, and the northern terminus of the A.T., Katahdin. Long-distance hikers can learn about the current Baxter State Park hiker permit regulations and plan their park experience. Staff is also available to help plan logistics for the 100 Mile Wilderness and recommend itineraries for day hikes and backpacking trips. Trail conditions are posted daily and community and day hike information is always available.

Damascus (Coming in 2018): A new visitor center is being planned for the Trail Community that hosts the largest annual gathering of A.T. hikers — Trail Days. The proposal has the visitor center adjacent to the A.T. and near the Town Park, which will be a great resource to hikers and town visitors alike. Plans are to break ground on the new facility in late 2017 with a plan to open sometime in 2018.

The ATC strives for our centers to make the A.T. an exciting and relevant experience to a broad variety of people while providing quality Trail information. Some of the things we hope our visitors will learn when visiting us include hiking and backpacking guidance, Trail etiquette, safety, essential Trail updates, and the robust history of the Trail. We hope to have you visit us soon.

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