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YOUR WORK IS SO VALUABLE in protecting public lands. And the strong effort for inclusion of minorities in preserving nature’s beloved heritage for all to enjoy is wonderful and will bless our country in countless ways beyond the Trail.
Stephen Noltie
Lancaster, Ohio
I FEEL FORTUNATE TO HAVE completed the Trail in 2001 with my husband Bill. We look forward to receiving the beautiful A.T. calendar each year and reminiscing about our experiences. We consider it a privilege to donate to such a worthy cause. Thanks to Sandi Marra for serving as president and CEO. We appreciate your time and talent.
Sylvia Beck and Bill Haney
Greensboro, North Carolina
THANKS FOR YOUR LEADERSHIP and commitment to the A.T.  From my perspective you are doing an excellent job and we are fortunate to have you as our lead. My husband and I have thru-hiked the A.T. several times and plan to thru-hike again in 2022. We are lifetime Appalachian Trail Conservancy members, and you can count on our donation at the end of each calendar year.
Lelia “Princess” Vann & Greg
“Rocketman” Reck
Norfolk, Virginia
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Twitter Icon - Mention by @AT_Conservancy THANK YOU to @AT_Conservancy for supporting the protection of the 3,300-acre Redington #Wilderness Sanctuary through the Wild East Action Fund, which seeks to accelerate the pace of conservation within the Appalachian Trail landscape. –NE Wilderness Trust @4wildplaces
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Thank you @appalachiantrail for giving us a chance to give back to one of our favorite places! A HUGE thank you to you, your ridgerunners, and all those who work to protect this special trail…y’all are the best!
Facebook Icon - Mention by @Appgearco Walk a mile or from state to state or ALL THE WAY. Any part of it is worth the time and effort.
–Dorothy Callaway
Facebook Icon - Mention by Laura Heckel Snyder The A.T. is my happy place
–Laura Heckel Snyder
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Just donated to become a member today! Thank you for all you do to keep this trail beautiful! My parent’s house where I grew up is only 1 mile from the Trail, so I love having it practically in my backyard.
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We are constantly amazed at the work people do to make the trails we love to enjoy! Thank you to all the volunteers and I hope to be one of them one day!
Twitter Icon - Mention by @AbuneMediation It is amazing that the vast majority of maintenance on the A.T. is fulfilled by volunteers who willingly give of their time and effort to keep this beauty open and accessible.
–John Scott @AbuneMediation  
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One of my favorite things about winter snow hiking is the stillness and silence, aside from its beauty. Everything seems so clean and pure in certain ways.
Facebook Icon - Mention by Christy Huddle When we were young (mid 1950s), my parents would drive out to the Skyline Drive, park the car, and unload the camping gear. We’d hike in about a mile to a three-sided hut and spend a week. We rarely saw another person. We’d take hikes every day, and my father would teach us all about plants and animals, and tell scary and funny stories at night. My mom would teach us about how the mountain ridge came to be. GREAT memories.
–Christy Huddle
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Nice Work! As an Eagle Scout, and now going through scouting with my teenagers, I can attest to the lifelong benefits of a love of nature. Our favorite backpacking trip is the Hog Camp Gap area on the A.T. and Mount Pleasant Trail near Lexington.